Why I am running for State Representative, Illinois District 105
I want to prove that you can get elected to state office without accepting huge amounts of money from special interest groups, corporation, corrupt businessmen, or the corrupt political parties that have given Illinois its sad reputation.

The amount of money involved in political campaigns makes elected officials loyal to the people that gave them money. When a candidate accepts large sums of money from corporations or special interest groups, you know where their loyalty is going to lie.

When there is a very good chance that two of our governors, one republican and one democrat, will be serving jail time for corruption, it is time for a change. When both governors had the support of their parties until they were caught, it is time to clean house. I want to influence change in our state government. I want to give the voters of my district a voice to influence change in our state, and clean house.

  • I want to be a voice of reason to combat all the partisan bickering.
  • I want to bring the message to the people in Springfield that the people who pay their salaries are tired of self-serving politicians and they want real leadership.

Why should you vote for me?
Since I will not accept money from special interest groups, corporations, or political parties, my loyalties will be with the voters of my district.
I have been a high school teacher, I have owned my own business, and currently I drive a truck for a large company. This has given me chance to work with people in many different life and work situations.

Because of my work experience I have seen many of the problems we face in Illinois first hand, from the lack of funding to our schools, to the challenges of running a business, to our road ways and bridges in need of repair.

  • I know that people are concerned about lack of jobs and lack of good-paying jobs.
  • I know that people are concerned about the environmental and monetary problems that are being left for our children to deal with.
  • I know that when someone says “Look at Illinois!” we all want that to be a positive statement.

Personal Statement:
As I went around our district collecting signatures to become a candidate, people expressed their anger, frustration, and cynicism toward our government and the people we elected to office. The people who claim to represent us are more dedicated to their re-election or their party than they are to doing what is right for our state. I have received no money from companies, special interest groups, or from the Green Party.

If elected, I will be indebted to no one except the people who voted for me and my wife for supporting me in this long shot. I will be free to vote and write bills that will focus on the needs of the people in our district without the fear of offending some powerful people in the legislature. I will be free to call law-makers to task when they do things that are completely out of touch with the people they claim to represent. Since I won’t be begging for money from special interest groups, I won’t have to pander to their political pressures. I will be able to do what is right for Illinois without fear of losing the support of institutions that try to gain favors by buying candidates. We may not always agree on the issues, but you will know that my opinions were not for sale to the highest bidder.

My question to you is, “Do you want things to get better in Illinois?”
If we keep voting the same people and the same parties into office, how are things going to get better? Our reputation for corrupt government is accurate, but we deserve better. Corruption is fueled by money, so we need to reject candidates that accept money from businesses that work for government, corporations, and special interest groups. Currently it is legal to accept money from electric companies even if you are on the Electricity & Renewable Energy Committee and it is legal to accept money from railroad companies even if you are on the Railroad Committee. This is obviously wrong and we need not vote for candidates that participate in these conflicts of interest.